Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ice Cold

Ice has more uses than just being used in your drinks on a hot day. It actually has many beauty benefits too and today I will be sharing with you the best ways to make the most of your ice.
  • Angry zits and spots are the worst things ever. But it time to tell that spot to chill! Wrap your ice in a rough towel and hold against the spot for 5-10 minutes. The coldness helps close the pours and minimizes the inflammation of them. 
  • Long sleepless night? Soothe and ice cubs around the eyes and this will help reduce puffiness and make you look more awake and alert. 
  • Coldness on the face helps to shrink your pours in appearance and size. Run and ice cub over your face in the morning before your apply your foundation, focusing on areas where the pours are larger. It will help your skin to look smoother and cleaner. 
  • Mix together some ice and fruits or veg of your choose, like cucumber, mango's, raspberries, or strawberries in the blender. You want to keep the rough texture, and apply to your face like a face scrub. The rough texture will exfoliate the skin, and it will feel refreshing and hydrating on your skin too. 

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