Monday, 1 July 2013

Mermaid waves

I'm an inch away from being a mermaid.

Mermaid locks are something that people has been aspiring their hair to be for years now. Mermaid locks, to put it nicely is hair your hair falls just below your boobs. Wavy hair tops this looks off beautifully and is often referred to and widely known as beach hair. This is often achieved with salt spray but as you all know salt spray damages and knots the hair and isn't a very good product for fine hair, or if you are growing it out. But there is another way to get the same look and this is a method which I have been using for weeks now and I am raving about to everyone, even my sister who has natural beach waves!

1. After washing your hair, comb it out how you usually would and put a detangling spray in it. I love the Aussie, Luscious Long spray.
2. Twist your hair into a lose bun and pin together with a soft hair grips that won't rip your hair. Leave to dry naturally, or if you are in a rush with a hair dryer.
3. When it is nearly dry, take the bun out and continue to dry either naturally or with the hair dryer again. If you use the hair dryer, dry it from the bottom up to help add volume to it.

I use this method nearly every morning as it is so simple and requires so little but gives great results with the heat and damaged consequences.

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