Saturday, 4 January 2014


Every year, after Christmas, I always like to treat myself to something Chanel. I usually go for their georgous nail enamels. But this year, I went for something a bit more expensive than a nail enamel. I went all out and bought myself some powder foundation. The lady in there was so helpful and gave me a full blown tutorial on how to apply it and which colour suited me, and afterwards, I couldn't exactly say I'll just stick to browsing. You dont browse Chanel, and especially when you have it sitting on your face, and you cant even feel it, and it blends it so beautifully and looks so natural. So I bought it, and I wont tell you the price (a little under £40) but it honestly feels so good. Its so wearable and the packging is beautiful. You can literally feel the class and time and effort that has gone into creating it. A firm favourite for when I have the money to spend. But I do love it!

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