Thursday, 26 June 2014

ootd: deinm jacket

Todays OOTD has been one I have been planning for weeks but I havent had the jacket to execute it. Now it has finally come I will most likely be wearing it for the next week. But its just a really simple casual outfit. Long white tee (that I made) over leggings with a cut off denim jacket. Perfect for casual spring/cool summer days.
The sandals I have been thinking about buying for weeks now and finally did and they have given me the worst blisters ever so I couldn't even tie them up for the photo but they are pretty, and please excuse the bandaged toe - June is turning into one of those months were I am getting more injuries than I can count on my hand....

List of Injuries so far, for those interested: - cut across thigh from falling into barbed wire
                                                                - sliced of toe nail from opening the wrong door
                                                               -  stitched my finger on sewing machine half way through college                                                                       photo shoot
                                                                - worst blisters of my life that were red raw and bloody before                                                                       half 7 this morning.

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