Friday, 8 August 2014

new shoes

I'm not a shoe girl. In fact I pretty much hate shoes. If I could go around barefoot, all day everyday, I would be more than happy to. I spent most of the winter just gone wearing the same pair of worn out Autumn boat shoes just because I refused to buy any others (and because I loved the boat shoes too much to part with them). But when I do find a pair of shoes that I love, they will be on my feet every single day until they fall apart, not matter the weather hot or cold, my favourite shoes will be on my feet. 

In a quest for some more wintery shoes this year, I headed over to Minnetonka for an amazing pair of Moccasins. They arrived just over a week ago now, and the weather in England has been strangely warm but they are still on my feet looking gorgeously hot (quite literally) even with a pretty dress or shorts these Minnetonkas looks so cute and add such a perfect Native American feel to them. And have I mentioned how amazingly comfy they are?  

The next Awesome pair of shoes on my list are these boots from Fat Face. Every since these came into the shop a few weeks back I have been eyeing them up hoping that by September I will be able to buy them. September didn't quite make it when I spoted these slightly greyer colour pair in a different shop. It was an instant buy with no thinking even involved. Army boots like these have been a love of mine since I first got a pair aged 13. Four years later I felt it time to buy another pair, and move on I certainly have! Again these boots will look amazing with anything: jeans//leggings//pretty short dresses//autumnal maxi skirts. 

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