Thursday, 17 March 2011

By request

Okay, so I was talking to one of my follows yesterday. And He made a fair point. Only two people are folloowing this blog. Myself and him. He is a male following a female blog about fashion. So he asked me to a post of fashion for me. This is it!!!

Jude Law. I personally love him. He live down the road from me ( more down the moteraway a god 10 miles). And I have seen him in the flesh eating Pizza in Pizza Express in Petersfield. I love Jude Law. (not in the sense I want to marry him).

Anyway style guide for men. The jeans that Jude Law are wearing, are perfect.
This might seem a a bit gay, but skinny jeans on men, for me, is really appealing. But make sure the jeans arent too skinny. These one are great, as they slightly slumed.
To finish, a t-shirt is great. Again, slightly slumped. Print if preferable (Alexisonfire and band t-shirts are really cute).
I like trainers with an long tong. Tuck the bottom of the jeans in to the tounge.