Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What to wear??

When I get changed in the morning, I know that I am not going to stay in that outfit.
I find it really hard to get changed in the morning. I never know what to wear, and how it will look. The obvisous choice for me is skinny jeans and and  t-shirt. Unfortauntly after a recent wardrone sort out, I dont have many t-shirts left. That is the safe option for me.
If I was going out on a date, I would wear a something that is a bit smarter than I would normally wear. Lipstick is great on first dates, as it steers away first-date-kisses!
The weekends are a great time to try on outfits that other wise wouldnt have worn durring the week!
That is like my style for the next few days!
Oh and on Friday, I promise, I will do a comic relife specail edit!! :)

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