Saturday, 12 March 2011


So, I am poor.
My phone broke about 5 months ago, which has now left me poor, as I am saving up for a new one. I dont have any money to by Vogue.
For those of you who know me, Vogue is pretty much my life. I love it and cannot live without it! I managed to get it though after a loooot of persuading on my dad's behalf.
So after reading throught, I have a list of (wait just counting...1....2...3) 18 things I need to look up google.
Things include Jessica Stroup and Alexa Chung.So I now know how I am going to dress for this coming month until the fashion changes again next month.
Until then, something slightly harder to change is hair.
I am getting it cut again next Saturday. Im not sure wether to get it cut like Jessica Storup or like Alexa Chung. My mum says get it cut like Jessica, because if I dont like it it will grow. Besides, I wanted to get it cut like that last time! Fashion is so hard!!
It can never make it's mind up.
Let me know how you think I should get it cut!

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