Monday, 14 March 2011

Califonian style

I love Califonria. Nice weather, cute guys and hot style!
If all the world was like California, the world would never be dull (also I wont have to move half way across the globe when I turn 18!!).
A trend that hits California quite often, is skirts. Those skirts that girls at school often get told of for wearing. Short and tight. Not to short and tight other wise you look like a slut!
Durring the winter, they look great with tights and boots or brouges. A t-shirt and a cardi is great together, if you are going for a more casul look.
If you are trying to dress it up, I like going for for flowing tops, tucked in to the skirt. Big belts hide it up a bit more
 Blazers add a bit more detail if you are looking for a smart look.
And once again, my models are from 90210. I kinda like that show! :)

Another look that works really well, is shorts. Durring the summer I practially live in my shorts! Ther go with anything, and nedd very little putting together! Perfect if you are on the go! :)
All for this week!

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