Friday, 15 April 2011

Natalie Portman

Every so often, I change my style Icon. A few months ago, it was Emma Watson, then Jessica Stroup,  Shenae Grimes, Jennifer Aniston, so on and so on. (changing your style icons isn't a bad thing. It means you can pick your favorite things from each style, and put them together, to create your own unique style!). Anyway, I think, that after spending a week of watching Star Wars (Extended edition, deleted scenes and all the extras!), I have come to the conclusion, that Natalie Portman is a lot prettier than I originally thought she was! Not only that, but she has everything I have dreamed off. A great career, a loving husband, and she is a mum to be!

Her style is very laid back. It is easy and has a certain innocence to it.  Yet at the same time there is an air of mystery. I love the look, Natalie has the right balanced between innocence and mystery.
The colours she wears are quite rich and royal.This give the impression of class. If you are young teenager trying to look older, then rich colours will help you look much older. Rich colours like these, also compliment brunettes.
Her hair is often in loose curls across her shoulders, this is such an easy look to achive, and it also rarley comes out of fashion. Just use your straighners as curls them around. Hold in place with hairspray. Easy style, easy to achive and looks great, provided you have long enough hair!!
Hope you have fun creating your own inspired outfit!

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