Saturday, 16 July 2011


With the party season in the air, it can be a tough job deciding what to wear, especially if there are dress themes. So, here I give you my guide - dress codes, what they means and how to wear it!

Casual - Everyday. So jeans and t-shirt will do if that is what you wear every day!
Smart casual - possibly the hardest one, as there is very little that is in the middle of smart and Casual. I suggest black jeans, or a dark wash coloured jeans (or white trousers doing the summer) with a pretty top, but not you house cleaning vest top!
Smart - No jeans! A dress or skirt is the perfect option.
Formal - Dresses and a man in Teux! Spectacular maxi dresses that make you feel like a princess, clutch bag and sparkling Tiffany's jewelry, and heels!
Semi Formal - Not as formal as formal. A little dress. Knee lenght, clutch again and a statement necklace!
That  is all great if it says on the invite, but what if it is just out for a meal? Then go for Smart casual. The important thing with dressing for dress codes, is that you are comfy in what you are wearing, other wise, you will have a bad time at the party, which is never good!

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