Friday, 29 July 2011


Okay, so I know this blog is mainly about fashion, but I decided to go a bit off course, just for this post, and talk about airbrushing. Because this week, I decided to do a bit of experimenting with a very old and cringe wothy photo from a holiday I went on a while ago. So while the quality of the image isn't great, you can see the difference.
The Wrinkle effect was my favourite. It made my skin look really soft and healthy. Take it off, and I had immediately aged about 10 years.
But it goes to show that while the photo's you may find in places like Vogue, are very beautiful - are they true? And as amazing as I looked in a couple of them, I do prefer the before photo, because at least I am real. And that is the trouble with airbrushing and Botox. You look amazing while you are using them, take them off, and you have aged so quickly, and you become addicted. It is much better to look beautiful and age gracefully.


  1. Hey,

    Nice post but I'm just wondering what Photo-editing software you used in your experiments? :)

  2. A website called Picnik. You actually have to pay to use these features, but I just print screened them before they disapeared :P

  3. Aaaah, try pixlr. It's also web- based and free but is a bit more advanced and has more features. :)