Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Artiste White Shirt

So, another staple to the wardrobe, (well it is for me, simply because I'm and a Big Artiste ((quote from Titanic which I just had to throw in!)) the lose fitting and casual white shirt. 
It is a great card to play, whether it is work, interview or just out shopping.
Wear it with a denim jacket and black jeans and you have a great outfit.
Wear it with a leather jacket, and you have another great outfit.
Wear it with shorts and converse and you have a great surf/beach look.
Wear it with a tailored blazer and pencil shirt, and you have a great work and interview look.
Or just it with jeans and you have the perfect stay at home outfit.
So which ever way you look it, you have a very flexible and unique piece of clothing. So think of it more as an investment piece!

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