Sunday, 31 March 2013

Aussie - It really works.

I luuuurve my Aussie. 
My hair is pretty unusual when it comes to the norm. It's thick, in thickness but thin in quantity and it is very dry and gets damaged very easily. Added to that the fact that I have (and still am) intensely growing it out, I find it pretty hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that really work and leave my hair continually looking lush and healthy. Until I was recommended Aussie. Usually I avoid it as, at £4.99 a large bottle (I get through it lots) seemed rather over my £2 budget for a cheap-skate like me. But then I tried the little sachets and realized that it was worth the large price tag. Trust me, it is amazing! It rarely knots and looks super luscious every wash. 
And that's not enough Aussie for me. I also use the Miracle Hair Insurance on wet hair in the morning which stops my hair from getting knotted and ripping out (about £3) and to treat my hair, every Friday or Saturday, it is treated but the 3 Minute Miracle - and trust me, it is a miracle. It almost revives my hair to a gorgeous shine. 
So despite the large-ish price tag, I would definitely recommend it, as it does wonders, and ask, has anyone who has every tried it said they hated using it?
See you later peeps x


  1. Your boyfriend agrees too! It passed the "try to get your girlfriends hair into a crazy knot" test, it smells scrumptious and is super soft too!

    1. Hahahahahaha!!! I just noticed this and it made me smile!!! :P