Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Happiness is a daily essential I need. When I wake in the morning, I role over and smile. It sounds basic, but it works. I am renound for being Miss Smiley, and even though some days I feel awful, I just can't help but smile sometimes. I am always happy, maybe not all day, but everyday I am happy.
I think there is only one way to spread this happiness too, and so I smile, if they look like they are having a hard day, they will appreciate the thought of the smile.
So how do I wake up happy-ish everyday? I don't know exactly, but these things help:

  • Dedicate just half an hour to being by yourself and doing the things you love like writing, reading, painting, or just painting your nails, you will feel better for it.
  • Relax, and do some form of exercise. I suffer from panic attacks, and so I really need this. I love yoga, because while you are working out, you are relaxing your body too and focusing on your breathing. If yoga isn't your cup of tea, walk the dog or walk to the corner shop to get the milk. Not only will your body love but it releases endorphin, the things that make laugh and smile.
  • Eat right. All fruit like apples, smoothies or an orange will really make you feel better inside and out, plus it is good for your skin and has loads of vitamins and antioxidants that will be better for you too
  • Sleep well. Remember those nights when we were little and we would fight out parents endlessly to go to bed later, well my bed time has now bunked down too 10-11pm on weekends and 9-9:30pm on work nights. I need my beauty sleep, and there is no way I can work when I feel tired. Not only will an early night help you wake up feeling fresh and refreshed and ready to smile, but it will also keep those pesky dark circles around your eyes away! 
  • Love everything you do Even though you may hate it! I have a little jar on my bed side table where I put little notes about anything good that has happened. Counting your blessings helps you to appreciate everything.
These few small steps may seem really basic and simple but they really work and you feel and look a lot more healthier. Not only will you love it, but your body will love you for it!

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