Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pale Jeans

I am currently writing this post wearing the ultimate beach girl, laid back item of clothing that this Spring/Summer is craving - pale blue jeans. 
At first, although I struggled to find outfits that worked well with these jeans, when you do, they are worth it. So to make your job easier when wear pale blue jeans, here is my to-wear list:
  • Converse and Vans look great these jeans, its like they were made for each other. Equally they look just as good with flip flops or sandals- but do not wear with boots!!
  • Lose, grey jumpers or hoodies look really good.
  • White vest tops look amazing on the warmer days
  • To smarten them up a little, black flowery tops or blouses look super
  • Laid back easy, white shirts make you look very arty! 
So there is my list of great outfits ideas to wear with your pale jeans this year. Have fun getting compliments! 
See you later peeps x

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