Saturday, 8 June 2013

Natural Hair Masks

Hair gets damaged pretty easily I have discovered and the best way to restore them back to health with out getting them cut is - hair masks. 
But if you are anything like me, you want results but on a cheap budget, but for the best results they are usually really expensive. Until I discovered there are many hair masks you can make in the comfort of your own home using just a few every day items. And the best part? They are cheap and they work!!! Horrah!

  • This one is a bit hard to stomach, but trust it works amazingly! To bring a bit of life and moisture back into your hair, mix together equal parts of mayonnaise and olive oil. Apply to your hair and leave for 30 minutes before washing out thoroughly! (admittedly this is the only one have tried, but it works soo well and made my hair feel super smooth and soft!)
  • Warm water and honey mixed together after shampooing, leave it for about 30 minutes again before shampooing again and applying conditioner.
  • Mix together 3tbsp of honey and 5tbsp of olive oil. Massage it it in (massaging the scalp also encourages growth) leave in a hot towel for 30 minutes and wash out thoroughly. 
  • A quicker and easier option is just putting olive oil in to the end of your hair (NOT the scalp) and leave for as long as possible
  • FOR SPLIT ENDS - 1tsp of honey, and egg yolk and 1tbsp of olive oil on the ends of your hair for 30 minutes before washing out again. 
I hope these help and let me know if you tried any of them and if they worked. I am in the process of updating blogs, tumblrs, instagrams and I am hoping to get my YouTube back to uploading vlogs of similar things to what I blog about, so hopefully it will be and exciting summer :)
See you later peeps x

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