Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cotton Bud Pot

When you have 8 piercings you need to clean out with salty water and cotton buds everyday, it can be annoying, if you are like me, having to go back and forth from the bathroom to pick up cotton buds. And because they are so small really, they are pretty hard to store without having them rolling all across your bathroom. That was until I found a little metal plant pot to store them in. But rusting metal isn't always the nicest thing to store things in. It needed a lick of paint to keep the cotton buds clean from the metal, it looks nicer as well!
All you need is a little pot which are usually about £1 from garden centers or Hobbycraft (Hobbycraft also sell pre-painted pots if you are lazy).
The pot needs is some Primer on the bottom to help the paint stick before painting it a colour of your choice. A white paint on the inside and on the rim looks really fresh and clean, but you could paint it all one colour, like purple, it's completely up to you. It's just a nice little way of keeping things out the way. Alternatively you don't even have to store cotton buds in them, you can store whatever you like, and you can get the pots in a variety of sizes too!

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