Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Green Tea

I have done two post today and they seem to be on a similar theme of drinks-that-good-for-you. This one is on green tea which a personal favorite of mine if you add a bit of lemon too it! 
Once you are used to the quite unusual  taste of the tea, it has benefits beyond your understanding!!
  • Great for healthy looking skin as it clears the pours and gives you a glow 
  • Fights Cancer
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Prevents cavities (something to do with your teeth)
  • Protects against Heart Disease
  • Speeds Metabolism (which is great if you are athletic)
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Works as an antiviral
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth
  • Prevents Dementia 
  • Full of antioxidants (don't ask what they are I just know they are good for you)
  •  Prevents Food poisoning
  • Prevents Bad breath
  • Detoxifies 
So even though I know it tastes quite yucky at first it is great for you and will have so many benefits! 

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