Saturday, 8 June 2013

Room space

I loveee my bedroom and I think there are so many cool ways to decorate it and make it seem so personal. 
Decorating your bedroom is a really relaxing thing to do, I find in a funny way! And it is different for every pperson. I am a very arty and creative person as you all know, so I have lots of  little things like candles and and fairy lights throughout my room, but there are also many arty things I love to do that I display throughout my little space. 
I have wine and beer bottles covered in tissue paper which make nice vases or just a colourful piece of decor. Then are things like doodles which I have copied and have bluetacked to my wall. I have a wall covered with photos of me and friends and family which makes it a bit more personal. Then there are the way things are organised. I shall do a separate blog post on this later, but I have painted a cheese grater and that is now displaying my earrings. There are many ways to make your space more organised and more you in just the way you decorate it! 
If my arty style isn't for you and you are more are more into fashion. Why not try displaying all your fashion magazines throughout your room. Whatever your hobbies are by incorporating them into your bedroom just makes your space seem a bit more personal and nicer to live in. 
See you later peeps x

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