Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Miranda Kerr

Anyone else here a bit in love with Miranda Kerr? Good, I am glad it isn't just me, because she is literally the definition of perfect. And now, you can be too, with just a few of her top tips!
Miranda is all about natural beauty, so firstly, carry a bottle of water with you where ever you go. It is important for you to stay hydrated all day long and this will also help maintain a radiant complexion in your skin. Also, be cautious about what you put on your skin, as everything you put on your face is absorbed into your body.
Next, never underestimate the power of Rosehip Oil. Miranda has revealed that her luminous skin is all down to a bit of Rosehip Oil, saying "I put it on at night, and I wake up glowing". But don't forget she can afford it, and so can you for just £16 a bottle!
She is also a big fan of yoga, and says this the best way to keep her body in shape - just 20 minutes everyday makes all the difference.
She is a huge advocate for organic products too and says they are the best products to use as they are all natural and will really help maintain your healthy skin complexion. Also, she thanks Coconut Oil for her shiny hair and luscious hair. Her love for organic products, is also the inspiration to her own beauty range, Kora Organics which makes a beautiful range of products which you can use everyday and are widely loved all across the whole world!

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