Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Moving Rooms

WARNING: The only useful stuff is in italic, the rest is just context to why I am doing this post.
I got a bee in my bonnet this afternoon at work.....With much objection to my parents, I am hopefully moving out of my room and into my spare room, on the grounds of my physical, mental and emotional health at risk (I'm a fineeee blackmailer). The spare room is also a square which I find makes it a bit easier to decorate and so has a nicer more symmetrical feeling and feels more homely. So I have come up with many plans on how to decorate my room.
Planning before moving in is a very important skill, and is essential before moving in to any space. You need to have many options as well to see where you want the furniture to go so you get the right feeling in the room that you are after. 
So I have spent my evening getting measurements of my rooms and furniture and creating lots of diagrams and options. Make sure your measurements are accurate, as otherwise your plans will not fit. Your diagrams don't have to be as accurate, just as long as you get the just of things. Block out areas where things like doors, heaters and windows go so that you don't fill space you don't have, and always make sure it fits in the room.
As I am swapping rooms rather than getting a blank canvas, I not only need to plan the spare room and where the furniture will go in there, but I also need to plan my current room, and where all the spare, junk and storage furniture will go. As this operation is also to my parents objection, I have been doing all the work for the, by creating plans for them for the old furniture to goo, this also includes us selling my piano and keeping the laptop in the spare room, where it has internet. So basically moving rooms is a win-win for me, and a draw to my parents. Boyyah!

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  1. I would like to point out that the spare room is not the spare room but my room. Even if i havent lived in it for 3 years. Love your reasons for moving though...