Friday, 14 June 2013

Printed Trousers

I ordered these ones from Asos - £25
Firstly I would like to apologize, I was going to do some vlogging and photos of my own but my camera is broken.

One thing that I am loving at the moment is the Printed trousers.
They are very fashionable and everyone is wearing them at the moment, and they are so easy to dress. All you need  is a couple of black and white t-shirts or vest tops and you are shorted for a super easy outfit.
But with this temperamental weather at the moment, a vest top isn't going to be quite enough. Thank goodness for the returnance of the 80's denim jackets and shirts. Denim makes this look really casual but smart at the same time, and it really compliments the prints of the trousers whether it be Aztec stripes or Spring florals.
They are really good for interviews or work as well. Wear them with a blazer and some heeled sandals (the only you are ever allowed to show your toes at work and especially if they are paired with printed trousers) and you are all sorted to do some great work the office.

See you later peeps x

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