Monday, 17 June 2013


Ahhh, I can't believe I have now totally finished school forever, and I am sooo looking forward to going to College. But until then, it is Prom which is an even bigger 'Ahh'. With dress, shoes, clutch and transport all sorted out, the major problem is deciding what to do with my hair, make-up and nails. Thank goodness for the summer holidays and all this time so I can experiment! 
So to make things easier for those of my like you struggling, I have put together a little guide for the perfect look that is natural, beautiful and glamorous and will see you through your whole night.

1. Foundation Brush - The Body Shop 
2. Lip Gloss - Mac
3. Everything Mascara - Bobbi Brown
4. Blusher Brush - Bobbi Brown
5. Eye Shadow Brush - Bobbi Brown
6. Kohl Eye Pencil(202 blackened pewter) - Clinique
7. Foundation (030 sand) - Maybelline
8. Blusher (02 bashful) - Collection 2000
9. Eye shadow (5 rosy gold) - Collection 2000
10. Eye Shadow (3 Baked Bronze) - Collection 2000

Above is a list off all the colours, products and brands of the make-up I shall be using in correlation to the numbers in the picture....that word is too fancy for me!
Anyway, once you have washed, cleansed and toned your skin, you should be ready for the first step which is to apply the foundation to your skin. I love the Dream Matte Mouse Foundation by Maybelline. I have been using it for over a year now and find it so creamy and soft and gives such great coverage and looks really natural and blend in so well with my skin tone. I use it everyday and it last for months!
Once the foundation is applied, I apply the eye shadow. With the Collection 2000 it hasn't got very good pigmentation in it, so you need to apply a few layers before you start to notice it. Apply the lighter colour first, below the brow and in the corner of the eye. Then apply the darker colour on just the lid. 
Because you have this colour on it already, you don't want to go any heavier on the eye make-up by applying a liquid liner, so to keep it simpler, use a Kohl Eye Pencil. This still gives the same definition but in a nicer and softer look to the eye. 
Finish the eyes off by curling them a few times before applying Mascara to them. I got given the Bobbi Brown 'Everything Mascara' as a present, and I love it. It give great length and definition to eyes and really exaggerates the length of them.
After that, a apply a soft layer of Blush to the apple of your cheeks. If you don't know what your apple is, move your mouth into your cheek (if that makes sense) and the apple should be quite clear to see as it stands out. The Collection 2000 blusher that I use has a really high pigmentation so you only need the smallest amount. The blusher needs to be quite subtle so don't go over board on only apply the one layer.
Finally and the most important one I think - and the only one you are allowed to keep applying all night - the lip gloss. This is every girls best friend, and it really completes the look and makes it look really sophisticated, and softens the lips. You can have any colour you want but pick co-ordinate it with your dress. I the dress is a bright red, blue, or black, go red. If it softer and creamers go for a gentle rosy pink like me. 

Have a great prom guys and enjoy the night!
See you later peeps x

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