Sunday, 28 July 2013

No Poo: Honey

After recently discovering a 'no poo' or no shampoo method that works wonders on your hair, I had to try it out. After just one wash my hair was so much shiny-er and I didn't need to wash it for 3 days which is a world record for me! It is a really simply method using bicarbonate of soda or Honey on the roots and vinegar on the length of your hair, that cleans your hair without stripping it of all the natural oils like regular shampoo does. Click here for more information. The results: smooth, shiny, light, voluminous hair that hopefully grows up to 3 times as quick! 
But be warned - when switching from shampoo to substitutes your hair goes a bit crazy, for some it goes super oily and for others like me, it goes really dry and knotty. This transition stage only last between a couple of days to a few weeks and you will love the results after this stage.

Honey Shampoo 
Despite the fact it was really dry, I found a way to get rid that dryness - Honey Shampoo being used the same way as the Bicarbonate of Soda. All you need to do it mix 2 tbsp of Raw Honey to a cup of hot water. Shake and apply. It is really nourishing and after just one wash I couldn't believe how much silkier my hair was. 

I haven't even been No Poo for a whole week and already I love it as I know exactly what I am putting on my hair then and can trust everything and I am beginning to see the results. Although the results are different for every person, I would thoroughly recommend that you try it as you it is as it is so much cheaper, better for the environment and so much more satisfying for you and your hair! 
Day 5

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