Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oatmeal Face Scrub

What started out as a fashion blog is rapidly turning into a beauty blog. But I just had to share this super simple recipe to glowing, acne free skin. 
All you need is 1 tbsp of Oatmeal (the stuff you make porridge with. If you get it as a flour use it, if not don't worry to much just try and ground it down a little bit, hands are the best way) and teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and pinch of salt mixed together and made into a paste using a bit of water. You want the paste to be thinner rather than thick so it is easier to apply to the skin. 
Apply to your skin and wait for it to harden. Then wash it off with a some warm water and admire the results. It left my skin totally glowing and I loved the results. It's really easy to store, I just used an old sweet jar, or jam jar. Apply once a week a week and love the results! 
It has a really tingly feel to it so if you have sensitive skin use less Bicarbonate of soda and salt.
Oatmeal is a really key ingredient to beautiful natural skin, it helps keep the skin youthful as well as reducing inflammation and healing it which makes it perfect for acne ridden skin. If you have eczema, oats is a key ingredient for healing sore and itchy skin.  
Not only that, but adding a small amount of sugar will make it a great exfoliator for getting rid of dry and dead skin all over your body. 

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