Wednesday, 24 July 2013

No Poo

Firstly - sorry this will a looong post with lots of talking and explaining, but just hang on and you'll find a gem of a secret in here! ...
And before you think I am totally strange talking about poo, its actually shampoo I am talking about, and 'No Poo' means washing your hair without the shampoo and conditioner. Now you have the right to think I am totally strange washing my hair without the shampoo and conditioner but hear me out. 

Everyone knows I have the weirdest hair ever (thin, but lots of it) and I really struggle to find a decent shampoo that works and gives me the results I want. Most are great the first time I use them, and then the effect wears off and my hair is still just as damaged as before. 

Then I found this post on Pintrest about this person who hasn't used Shampoo and Conditioner in 3 months and she uses homemade substitutes instead and her hair looked amazing! So I thought I would do a bit more further reading on the subject of 'No Poo'. Turns out Shampoo is actually really bad for your hair:
  • Shampoo is a detergent which means it cleans, but at the same time as cleaning it also stripes you hair of everything, even the natural oils which help keep your hair soft and strong. 
  • From point number one, this makes your scalp overcompensate for the lack of natural oils making it produce too much leaving your hair really greasy in a just a few days. 
  • Companies love this because it means you will carry on buying the products just to get rid of the grease. 
So after doing a bit more reading on the topic, I felt I was able to do it myself. Heres how in 2 very simple steps using nothing but Bicarbonate of Soda, Vinegar and Water.

Mix together 1 tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda with a cup of water. When the soda has totally dissolved pour it into a squeeze top bottle. 
Then mix 2 tbsp of vinegar with another cup of water and pour into a spray top bottle. 

First of all you need to get your hair totally wet with water and then you want to use almost a quarter of the Soda bottle (after a few washes you shouldn't need this much) onto your scalp and massage it in. Soda is great at breaking down any buildup from products like hairspray. Once you have massaged it into the scalp thoroughly, wash it out. 
Then spray the water and vinegar mix heavily on to the end of your hair. And leave in for the rest of the shower or as long as possible before washing out. Vinegar is a great conditioner and will leave your hair smooth.
If you have some detangling spray, like my Aussi Lusicous Long spray, this will help detangle your hair and leave it smelling great. 

But this is just the start. The hardest part of the process is the transitions stage where your hair realizes it can make its own natural oils for the first time, so it goes a bit crazy at first. Some people experience dry, straw-like hair while as others have extra greasy hair the first few times. But you have to bare with the process as this should only last a few weeks at most. Your hair will get used to it, and then your hair will be looking the best it has ever looked. It wont get split ends so easily, it will grow a lot quicker (like 2 and half inches in 2 months!), it will have less frizz and flyaways and you'll only be have to wash it about once or twice a week! 
Sounds amazing right, just as long as you stick with it through the transitions stage you are in it for the long haul and you will be loving your new found super soft locks.

Still not convinced? Questions? Lets go into a bit more detail....

During the transitions period try and hold out from washing your hair for as long as you can, most people start off with 1-3 days but when your hair gets used to it, you should be able to go about 5-6 days! 
You can still use products like hairspray, serum and mouse and in your hair. The soda will be able to break them down when you wash it.
You can still straighten and blow dry it, as usual too, just don't do it in excess other wise you will basically BBQ your natural oils out. 
When you go to the salon and they wash your hair try and ask for a Sulfate-free shampoo, nearly every salon ever should have this and one time of using shampoo wont set you back that far, just make sure in the next day that you wash out with the soda and vinegar.
Finally if you dye your hair do not EVER wash the chemicals out with soda and vinegar. They aren't as strong as regular shampoo and so you should also use regular shampoo other wise you could get a chemical clash on your scalp which will burn and not be good at all. After you have the dying chemicals out though it is fine to go back to soda and vinegar. 

I am on day one of this process and already I can notice the difference - my hair is so much softer and lighter with nearly half the amount of fly-aways! 

Maybe it isn't for everyone, but nearly everyone I have spoken to about this has raved about how much it works and there is much reading out there about how amazing No Poo is! 
If you try it out let me know how is goes for you, I would love to hear all your experiences! 

Day One


  1. I've heard another alternative is to not wash it with anything (except water). Prince Harry apparently hasn't washed his hair since his first tour in the army.

  2. That's what I am going to be doing in-between soda and vinegar washes! Thank you!