Friday, 9 August 2013

A Guide To: Travelling

In a previous post I wrote, I showed you how to pack for your Summer adventures. This post, I am sharing with you a few tips which are essential when travelling either by flight, sea or land. 
Firstly make sure you are dressed comfortable. You don't want to be stuck for hours in super tight jeans which are digging in a top you cant breath in. I like to go for something light and easy like leggings, a bright vest top or t-shirt with a scarf. 
The scarf is a great item to have when travelling because it can also double over a blanket. 
Shoe wise, depending on the time of year, I alternate between pumps and trainers - easy to slip on and off and look good too. I also like to think about where I am going to be arriving, if its a muddy festival in the summer, rubber flip flops which are washable will do. But if it is a cold place in the winter, then boots or good trainers will do. 
I like to have a little handbag with me when I am travelling. I can use it at the other end for a day bag too which is handy. Make sure you are well hydrated and always have a big bottle of water with you. Snack are also an essential for travelling as food on the road can be a bit suspect and expensive. 
Always keep your purse, credit cards, ID, passport and booking information with you. You need this handy anyway, and if you lost it, that would be a disaster. Another things is something which I only carry with me because I lose it right till I leave the house and also because if I lost this, it too would be a disaster - phone chargers, iPod chargers, and Laptop chargers. 
Finally, you need something to keep you busy while you are travelling. Whether it is a good book, a game, your iPod or you laptop, keep that with you. Nothing beats being bored for hours!
Now where ever you go this summer you are prepared to have a great time all the way. Unless you forget something like I will......

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