Monday, 23 September 2013

pattened jeans

So I am writing this at college...on my my new patterned jeans.
Patterned Jeans. No theres a topic. Its not exactly an easy one either and knowing how to wear these colours jeans is a bit of a mission. Thank goodness for a few essentials that every girl needs.

1. Dark Side - a plain black or grey t-shirt looks really good with these jeans. It is a really chilled looked that works really well with trainers. 
2. Lighter bright - for a look that is a bit more sophisticated a white t-shirt and brogues work just as well and will add a bit of class.
3. Wrap up - I am wearing these jeans today with a jumper and loafers. Its a really good autumn look and as I got my jeans a bit later in the season, this styler works really well.
4. Colour it - If you are a bit more daring, wearing a plain but colourful top looks just as great. One way I will be wearing is with a dark green vest top. As the colour of my jeans isnt really denim, it will look really good with a demin jacket too. 
5. Denim - The style I was going to be wearing today is a bit more classy too. A long denim shirt and brown shoes or boots is really simple and arty look to achieve. 

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