Wednesday, 11 September 2013

room tour

As some of you may know, I have recently been re-decorating my bedroom from purple to neutral. Now I am finished I can finally do something I have wanted to do for a while - Room Tour! 
I spend a lot of time on my bed so it has to be perfectly cosy and warm. I made some cushions for it out of some remnants from a furnishing shop, added some fairy lights to the shelve above my bed, and managed to pick up an expensive duvue cover reduced from £55 to £10 - bargain! 

If I'm not on/in my bed, I'm probably at my desk doing something arty. It is very messy here, buts it an organised mess. I picked up some cheap crates too which are perfect for storing all my art stuff and they have great character too. 

My dresser has a lot of stuff on and in it. It is home to my Goldfish, Mango and Moby, its got hair and beauty products on there, my make-up and it also home to a lot of my clothes and my sisters casts-off. Next to my dresser is an essential mirror. This however is being stood up by skateboards until I can hang it up again.

This bookshelves was the first flat pack I ever assembled successfully with no help in an hour and a half. It has proved itself to be very useful. It looks after my DVD's, my book, my college books, and a few jam jars, sunglasses and cards with little messages in from people like my sister and my boyfriend.

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