Monday, 14 October 2013

october favourites

With Autumn closing in, its time we look at a few items and outfits that are perfect for the next few weeks as the days get colder.

1. Summer dresses. This may sound like a very weird Autumnal trend, but worn in the right way you can make your summer dresses last a bit longer than just a few weeks. With tights, jumpers, cardi's, scarfs and boots, your summer dresses will get a lot more wear out of them and will look very chic and stylish as the winter months draw in. 

2. Layers. Autumn is the perfect time to be layering up. I am loving shirts under jumpers, it is a very preppy but stylish look and one that needs to be done with attitude in order for it work. Pared with patterned jeans and boots and you have yourself the perfect look for a casual day. 

3. Scarfs.  Ever since my Mum bought me a lovely black and flowery infinity scarf, I have been  wearing it with everything. I think scarfs are a great way to tie outfits together or add a bit more warmth on a colder day. Patterned scarfs with a plain t-shirt or jumper and jeans is a great outfit for another casual day shopping. 

4. Colour and Hats. This one is a 2 in 1. I love that bright pop of colour on the lips and it really helps to cheer up a boring winter day or a dark outfit and it is like adding a bit of summer on a cold day. 2 point: Felt hats are perfect this time of year. They look super cute with curly hair and they look good with pretty much anything from casual dress to a shirt and jeans. 

5. Oversized Jumpers.  One thing I LOVE at the moment are oversized jumpers. A big cozy jumper and leggings are sounding completely perfect to me at the moment. It is so relaxed and perfect for a bit of extra warmth and wrapping up. This is one outfit I am totally inlove this Autumn. Not only that but it also goes so well with felt hats and scarfs! 

6. Checks. Another outfit for the comfy leggings which I am loving at the moment are really big checked shirts. Granted they may be a little bit manly for some people but for an Autumn adventure day I think this outfit is perfect. If it isn't your style, dress it up with cute pumps and a statement necklace and you have the perfect look for a bit more class to a very casual outfit.

Note to self: Listen to your own advice Lo.

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