Saturday, 19 October 2013

autumn fashion haul

As  few of you may know, my older sister is home from Australia for a few weeks. And when we discovered her MacBook Pro had broken, it was the perfect excuse to go down to the Apple Store in Southampton and do some pretty productive Autumn/Winter shopping at the same time. Yes, I didn't really need to buy anything...but I did. So i felt it was appropriate to share with you some of the buys of the day. 

I bought this really nice plain white and sparkly top from Hollister for £16.99 in the sale. I have plenty of plain white tops, but have been looking for a slightly prettier white top for a while but never really liked the ones I have found when I remember. I saw this one in a Large first, thinking it would look great with leggings was just about to buy it when my sister pointed out it was large and told me I needed an XS really. Anyway, I still loved it and loved the little sparkly beads at the tops and thought it was soo pretty. I'll be wearing it with jeans, shorts and tights, and maybe even the other items bought in this haul....

After Hollister I went next door to Fat Face. Mum was already in there trying on a load of cardigans. I liked these cardigans, but they didn't suit her. And with a pretty hefty price tag for a poor student, it didn't suit me either. But it did totally. I know me too well. Or rather I know shops too well. If there is something in one shop, you can pretty much be sure you can get something else pretty similar somewhere else and probably even cheaper. Thank You New Look. I actually think the majority of New Look is very tacky, but it is cheap and it suits my needs. I found this cardigan in there for half the price at £19.99 and it looks exactly the same. I think this time of the year, big oversized jumpers an cardigans are the best thing ever. They just go with whatever you already have on and are some comfy and cosy. 

This was a buy I wasn't really sure about but I liked and so did my sister and her boyfriend and my mum. So I bought it. Its a little aztec style skirt for £12.99 also from New Look. But the morning before I had presented my mum and sister with a pile of photographs to pick on out for me to wear today. My sister picked out one with a denim shirt and a little bodycon skirt, just like this one. I bought this one and thought about this one. In the winter I can wear it with tights and boots and in the summer it would be fine with a little vest top. Althought I might get much wear out of it, I still think it will be a really useful item and even do for casuals parties or little summer events. 

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