Tuesday, 25 February 2014

sweets and sugar

This year for lent, I have decided to give up sweets and sugar treats like treats and all the amazing kinda things you get out of vending machines. The only exception to this rule of course being my chocolate milkshakes. With a week to go before starting, I am cramming in as much sugar as I can, but at the same time easing myself into it. Yes I am eating lots of sweets but I am finding tasty substitutes instead like bananas instead of a chocolate bar, or a smoothie instead of a hot chocolate. Little things like this, so yes, while I will be taking them out of my diet, I will be putting in their place foods that are a lot healthier for me. Even something like homemade sugar free lemonade is amazing for you. Yes it is just lemon water but its pros greatly outweigh the cons when it doesnt have sugar in it.  
Every week (hopefully) I will be sharing one little thing I have learnt that week that is good for me, whether it be a food, habit or drink, my plan is I will be learning and growing. 
This week I am starting with Super Foods. 
Foods like berries, nuts, and avacardos are really good for you. Not only do they help clear the skin and leave you with healthy looking hair, but they also help you to focus. They contain lots of vitamins and berries are full of antioxidants too. So its a win win! 

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