Wednesday, 19 March 2014

black pants

Black pants are en essential for every wardrobe. Great for a spring day or a cool summer day, dressed up for the night or down for the day, they are perfect for whatever you wear. So whether your style is leggings or harem there is a way to wear them all with just a few rules. 

During the day time the only rule is T-shirt and Vests. Whatever you feel like, a plain or colourful t-shirt will always look casual and comfy but trendy also. Paired with sandals or pumps a few good pieces of jewelry, you have a perfect day time look.

 At night there are two rules: Heels and Colour. Putting heels to an outfit instantly makes it look a bit smarter and much less casual. With a great colourful top you are ready to go. Pair with a good few bracelets, and clutch and you are ready for the night! 

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