Saturday, 22 March 2014

tie dye

Last summer at the festival Soul Survivor a friend and I did a tie dye top. I wore mine very little but with time I have fallen in love with it again and am desperate to tie dye a top again. It is definitely a bit more costly doing it yourself if you buy a kit online, but still a lot of fun. If you just want the tie dye, don't fret, because I have put together a little guide of the best tie dye pieces online for you to buy.

By Now you should all know about my obession with keeping outfits balanced, so I think the perfect way to pair these colour tops is with a simple pair of jeans, leggings or black pants like these slim joggers which are casual enough to wear every day. Tie dye is a great way of brightening up any boring day and making it a bit more summer and colourful. 

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