Thursday, 24 April 2014

ootd: native americans

Me and mumma went shopping in TK Maxx today. Its a shop neither of us really like because we don't really like searching through all the clothes, but today we were. We found this top in there for £11.99 along with a few other bargins (coming soon) and I loved it, I thought it was so cool but didn't really think I would ever wear it. I tried it on and still umed and ured about it for ages. Eventually mum said she would buy it for me. It is such a cool top, really completely hippy and a bit native american. It is so funky, its basically like a poncho with an invisible stitch on either side for the arms, with little feather tassals and beads hanging quite low down the front. Still with jeans this top is toned down a little and not so hippy but still so awesome! And I love it! 

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