Monday, 19 May 2014

ootd: handmade kimono

I love kimonos - just like the rest of the world. But for what they are, they cost a bomb. So when I embarked on a quest to find a long, summer weight and cheap kimono, I hopelessly failed. Until one night (when I should have been revising) I had a brainwave - What if I could make one?
So thats what I did. I bought a scarf that I loved and that was only £7.99 from TK MAXX. With a few cuts here and there and a few machine stitches here and there also, emerged my handmade kimono! Completely impressed by the best idea and design and outcome I have ever completed, I have literally been wearing it ALL weekend!  Its just perfect for this time of the year. Because it is as mum said "in a league of its one" it literally goes with everything: jeans, harem pants, shorts, leggings. Because of the print I used as long as the colours I wear are simple it goes. 

P.S. If you are wondering I have done anything with my hair - yes I have, but it has been a bit of a nightmare so don't mention the ginger roots. I'm just getting over the embarrassment of it all. 

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