Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lemon Water

I am drinking this with a glass full of freshly made lemon juice in front of me which I am sipping away at. There are many benefits to drinking a glass of lemon a day.
It hydrates the body which leaves it feeling refreshed, revitalized and energized!
It is also very cleansing and helps to maximize enzyme function according to NaturalNews.com.
Not only that but it is also a great aide to digestion and relieves indigestion.
Also It tastes great and is such a summery feeling.
If you don't know how to make the perfect combination for Lemon Water it very easy. You need half a lemons juice, and some boiled water. Mix them together and you can either hot or refrigerate it. The boiled water helps extract all the natural goodness, and so once you have squeezed all the juice out if put the skin the hot water it will help extract even more goodness! If it is too bitter and sour for you though, add the smallest amount of sugar or sweetener to make it easier to drink.

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