Monday, 9 September 2013

back to school: fool proofs

Its that dreaded time of the year again, where everyone is back to college or school, or even starting a new school or college. Everyone wants to look good right, but for the first few days we want to play it safe? So I have compiled a few fall-proof outfits for those first few days back! Hope they go well!

Jeans, black tee, statement necklace.

This is a great outfit that is so effortless to pull off and looks great on everyone. The thing I love about it most, is the accessories you had to it really make the outfit reflect you.

Double demins.
This outfit again is so simple and yet really effective when you pull it off. Just as long as the denims don't match, you are good to go. It works really well with shorts and tights too.

Knits and jeans.
So basically jeans look great with everything! And with the colder months approaching jumpers are a really useful thing to wear and off course look great with jeans and are super cosy!

Leggings and tee.
If you wants something a bit different to jeans, leggings or black jeans and a long-ish tee are also a great pair and are pretty comfy too!

Jeans, brouges, boots, tees, jumpers, a great light weight coat for all.

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