Wednesday, 4 September 2013

autumn skin care

Firstly I need to apologize for not posting much recently, and what I have posted has been very..basic. I had two amazing weeks at Soul Survivor, then I came home and began decorating my room, and now I am trusted back into a new College routine. So things are looking very new and fresh for me at the moment, which is very exciting!
Anyway, a room tour of my newly decorated room will be coming up when I have finished, but until then, it's back to life, and suddenly it's September, and this means Autumn is upon us (nearly). The change in temperature can take its toll on our skin, so it is important we do a few things, just to protect it from the cold weather coming.

1. Scrub it. The days at the park and beach may be enjoyable, but not for our skin. The build up of sun screen can also clog up our pours, leaving our skin look a little dry. So twice a week, exfoliate your skin to help get rid of this build up leaving us with a brighter looking complexion.
2. Cleanse it. During the summer, our skin maybe looking a bit oilier than usual, and during the winter, it becomes a lot dryer, so we will need need a kinder cleanser that doesn't strip our skins of our natural oils, but instead, just gets rid of the dirt.
3. Moisturize it.  With the dryers of the colder seasons, we need to hydrate as much we can, so it is important, we change our moisturizer and pick one that is more suited for heavy duty hydration.
4. Mask it. A great way to have a little facial is to slap on a mask that will add moisture and hydration back into the skin. Great options include clay, aloe vera, essentials oils and vitamins. If you want an extra boost, look out for products with Vitamins A, C, and E in with are not only great for your skins, but have anti oxidants in which will minimize aging and help neutralize the suns damage.

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