Tuesday, 29 October 2013

day off

Since starting College in September, it has been a pretty busy couple of few months for me. Firstly the extra work load, then my Nanny became very ill and sadly passed away a few weeks ago. My older sister and her boyfriend, then dropped their travelling, and flew home from Australia. There were then living with us for 2 weeks, which, if you know my sister, was guaranteed to be loud and busy; it was. On top of all that, I was also balancing two jobs and looking for a permanent job. So it has been busy to say the least. Which is why, I am so relieved it is now half term and I can enjoy a day all to myself with no plans and no intentions of putting make-up or clothes on. Bliss.
In order to make the most of my day however, I still like to do a few things so it doesn't feel a total waste of a 24 hours.
Chilling in my leggings, tie-dye tee and woolly cardi.

  1. Comfort. How are you supposed to have a relaxed and chilled day if you are still in your super tight jeans and fancy top? Slap on your leggings or running bottoms, oversized tee and a comfy cardigan or hoodie. 
  2. Hair Wash. Basically, I don't do it. I just leave my hair alone, no chemicals or dry shampoo, just a brush and a plait. People have conflicting views on whether this is good or bad. I come from the view that less is more and that your hair really needs a day off where you don't wash it, or touch it.
  3. No Make-up. My excuse for this one is that my skin needs to breathe. This one is true and non-debatable. If we clog our pours up with make-up everyday, it can't breath and this means it can't circulate air into the pours which would other wise help clear our skin of things like spots and blackheads. 
  4. Health Foods. It is shown the foods we eat actually do have an impact on our health. So on my lazy days, I like to eat foods full of fibre and vitamins. Breakfasts like Wetabix and All Bran with strawberries are the best for fibre. Green Tea, Cranberry Juice, and Fresh Lemon Water ( heres how to make it - http://thisislobarker.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/lemon-water.html) are all in big supplies, as they are great foods and drinks for helping retox and refresh your body. Having said this, I love unhealthy foods too like pizza and nuggets, so I like to follow the 80/20 ruler. 80% Healthy : 20% Indulgence
  5. Chill. Do things you love doing. Its important that you don't forget who you are and what you love. Whether it be blogging, watching movies or (for the OCD's) cleaning, do it. These days are all about you, and being selfish. 
I love having these days because they feel like a rewarding detox after so much. They also need to be used in moderation. Once a month or so, it the best way to make the most of these days, without over-doing it.

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