Tuesday, 5 November 2013


My dad bought me a massive bottle of shower gel that has been going since July...it's now October. Yay!
Unfortunately, you body needs a change in things like shower gels and deodorant, as your body's bacteria gets used to it and it stops working so effectively. This happened with my shower gel. My body eventually got used to it, and it stopped cleaning me, so dare I say, I become dirty. Yuck.
But not the type of dirt like mud that washes off easily, the type is ground into your pours and is very tricky to get out.
This was when I decided to call in the help of a Sugar and Coffee body scrub along with a change of shower gel. One wash later and all the dirt had gone, my skin looked glowing again, and I realized I wasn't as tan as I thought I was....ew.
It was so easy too make to, all I did was combine Coffee Granules, Brown Sugar and Baby Oil in a little pot and rub it in.
Honestly it made such a difference and my skin felt so clean for the first time in ages.]
A bit of further researching made me realize that body scrubs is a very part of our weekly routine. Especially in the colder months, our bodies are always covered up with clothes and whether we realize it or not, we still sweat and this gets trapped in our pours and causes little spots all over our bodies, especially our backs. A quick body scrub will help clear out these pours and leave us feeling very clean and it will also stop our bodies from persperating so much after a while too.

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