Thursday, 7 November 2013

autumn glam

I've got to admit, I may be a bit too proud of my editing skills when creating this lovely montage of This Autumns Glam. This November, its all about dressing the big knits and fur coats up and being glamorous! Here I have compiled a few ways to do so.
Big chunky earrings maybe a drag on the ear lobes, but they certainly add plenty of glitz and style and can instantly spruce up any plain outfit. As can the big statement necklaces. These big necklaces just complete any outfit and go best with a plain top of any kind, making them look smarter and more polished. 
Next its on to the make-up and we are visiting the classic red lips. Instantly adding colour and confidence, this a look our grandmas certainly knew how to pull off in the 1940's! And the classic cat-eye eyeliner made bolder with a long tailed flick is a great way to show your eyes.
Finally, a great finishing touch to your Autumn glam, has to be a plait. They not only keep your hair looking pretty and neat, but they are also a super way to keep all your hair off your face with these windy days. But rather than doing a simple on, add something to it, by trying a new style of plait like a fish tale or waterfall for a beautiful head this autumn. 

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