Saturday, 23 November 2013

gift guide for him

Its a well know fact that men are the hardest people to shop for. Ever. Every Birthday and Christmas I spend months before thinking and deciding and questioning 'what do I get him this year?' This being said, I have complied a little Gift Guide on what to get him, no matter what his interests! 

1. Cashmere Hat by Cos
With The winter days drawing in, nothing keeps their heads warm quite like a cashmere hat. They are so soft and warm, and a pressie they are bound to love.

2. Shoelaces by Hickies 
I think this a great idea, and I know my boyfriend does this with all his shoelaces, he cuts them of they are a simple slip on. They look really cool on every type of trainer and are a bit more stretchy than shoe laces and they look really cool too.

Every year, me and my mum get my dad a new scent and there are so many to chose from and he always smells so afterwards. 

4. Bose Sport Headphones 
For the music loving men, why don't you get him some headphones so he can listen to his music nice and loud without the quality going. Although these one are very expensive, I have been assure that these are amazing, although I am sure cheaper ones will be available else where.

5. Concert Tickets 
Another gift you music loving guy friend - concert tickets to his favourite band. Prices vary so much depending on the band, but it not only shows how well you know his music taste, but it will also be a great night together creating memories. 

6. Marvel Avengers Set
If your guy loves the Avengers movies as much as mine (and me) he will love this complete set, so he can watch them when he likes or with you for a cosy night in. 

7. Timex for J.Crew Platoon Watch 
It's a well known fact you can't go wrong with a watch. This watch is a really nice one as it is really casual and the colours are really manly. And will go with pretty much any outfit he chooses. 

8. Halfords Gift Card
Guys love their cars and they are always splashing out on it. If they ask for something for their car, it can be hard to know what they specifically mean and what they need, so make it easy and get them a Halford's token, so they can pick it out theirselves without getting it wrong!

9. Nerf Gun 
I saw this in a YouTube vlog and I thought it was the coolest thing ever as it's just like Christmas when we are young. Its a super fun present and its bound to give laughs and excitiment (and maybe a little annoyance for those being shot!) 

10. Topman Shirt
Depending on whether your man likes to be dressed by his girlfriend or not, a checked shirt is generally a very good idea and everytime they wear it, they will think of their amazing friend who gave it to them.

11. Magners Orginal Cider
Last but not least, you literally cannot go wrong with some good old cider or beer (unless they are underaged...)

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