Wednesday, 11 December 2013


When my sister came over back in October, she was raving about Moroccan Oil, so my mother decided she would buy something very similar. When it came, she used it once and I used it 20 times over till she banned me and bought me my own. 
As you may know, since the summer I have tried everything on my hair from no poo, to just water and baby shampoo and I couldn't find the right product that cleaned my hair as well as leaving it soft shiny and fly away free. But this one just does it all and everything I could every want from a shampoo.
The shampoo itself is really all I need. It's sulfate free, so it means it doesn't have any of those damaging chemicals which if you know me, I hate. But they clean my hair, and leave it feeling so silky soft. Its the best shampoo I have every bought! Despite the fact you have to order it online and it takes weeks to come, there is not a bad word I can say about the shampoo.
And if it wasn't amazing enough already, there's an intensive conditioner too. This works wonders on my hair, and I can't believe how well it works! The only trouble with the conditioner is it does leave my hair feeling a little heavy if I don't wash it out properly, but besides that, its good! I don't use the conditioner much, about once a month or so, just give my hair a bit more life.
Finally, theres a leave in conditioner, which I use a lot more. This smells so rich and lovely. Its really hard to explain, but it smells like a fruit syrup with a bit of caramel I think.. Anyway this gives a great boost to hair during the day adding volume and containing the odd fly aways. 

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