Saturday, 7 December 2013


As the Christmas season approaches, its a time I like to spend going back to myself and chilling (a little) but mostly being a nearly 17-year-old who simply cant wait for it to be christmas again - YAY! While the last year seems to have gone incredibly quickly it feels like ages since the last Christmas, and I had even forgotten what our christmas tree looks like. But now its up and the house is feeling a little more cosy, I feel very happy! 

Its just the house that is feeling a little more festive, its me too, and I like to show this through little things, like my christmas socks, or my festive nail polish. So it's time I shared with you one that will definitely be on my favourites list this month.
I am loving the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days nail polish. I picked it up from Boots for about £4.99 which I thought was really cheap, in the shade 820 - Winner takes it all. Its a really lovely gold colour and it is so easy to apply, in one simple stoke, with only 2 layers too. It gives a really nice smooth finish and it is so effortless, and drys really quickly too. The gold colour is obviously a more Christmas colour but it such a lovely shade, and it will look great on fingers or toes! 

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