Thursday, 5 December 2013

winter glam

The cold December days are drawing in here in England, and that usually means layers, and lots of them. But being all bundled up isn't always pretty. Until a few little tips and tricks were discovered! 

Oversized doesn't always mean frumpy and unfitting. In the winter, oversized is the cosiest thing ever! A nice thick jumper over a little top is a look I have been wearing lots.

This a two in one. A bright coat is a staple. Cold days need bright cheery coats, to make them a bit bolder. A red coat is a must and looks great with leggings and brown boots. A good pair or boots is another need to a look a bit more glam on a cold day. Not only are they comfy for walking in, but they are also the finishing touch to any outfit.

If anyone out there knows me, they will know how the last two weeks I have been wearing my massive tartan scarf everywhere. I love it, and not only is it super soft and comfy, it also gives a massive boost of colour to my old green coat and leggings. A good scarf is a staple as it works wonders on any plain outfit.

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